A Synopsis of our Counseling Services


Are you feeling down and blue like life hasn’t been meeting your expectations? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our facility has staff highly trained in the art of counseling. All of us have a great deal of college education that you can feel confident in. We can handle a wide variety of problems from social problems to anxiety/depression to alcohol and drug abuse. Whatever your issue is, you can be sure that we will help remedy it through quality conversation.

man-talking-with-small-groupWe know that life is a struggle and want you to never feel alone as you tackle the challenges of life. We have experience dealing with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and with a wide range of different personal problems. Have an drug addiction or going through the withdrawal stage of giving up drugs. That’s nothing that we can’t handle. We can help you to both give up a drug addiction, cope with the withdrawal symptoms, and even keep you from resorting to drugs if you are thinking about resorting to them. Drugs have no place in your life or anyone’s life and we can help enforce this fact to you. We can apply similar teachings to alcoholism.

In addition to substance abuse problems we can also treat any human relation and social issues. Substance abuse and social problems are often intertwined and can cause each other. Here at our counseling center we understand the importance of having strong social ties with fellow humans. Missing that human connection with others is missing one of the core components that make us human: social creatures. We do our best to ensure that you are strong and well rounded in this aspect of your life. Having a problem with a friend, partner/spouse, family member, etc? Human relationships is one aspect that we have extensive training in among many other aspects of life. We are here to help you create strong connections with others, but you must also do your job in developing friendships and relations with others.

As mentioned before, problems can be self circling and lead into other issues. The problems mentioned so far can often lead into depression. This is a serious disease afflicting millions of Americans on a daily basis. Happiness is the one thing that each and every human searches for. All of our actions are in pursuit of this one fundamental feeling. Depression is the opposite of happiness yet so many people suffer from this devastating and life robbing disease. If you are suffering from depression our trained counselors will get to the source of your depression and do our best to remedy it. Joined HandsLife is challenging and no one should deal with it alone. All of the problems mentioned can create each other in a domino effect and defeating to us as humans. Here at our counseling center we believe it is our duty to treat you in all aspects of life and any issues you many be dealing with along with your efforts. We treat the human spirit. Also we understand that the issue may only be helped with rehabilitation services. We work hand and hand with Narconon Fresh Start Rehab. These types of programs are highly effective at ending addiction because they assess the individual’s addiction problem, create a workable plan on how to treat their physical and psychological addiction and have measures in place to encourage the recovering individual to remain in treatment.


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